Commercial papers
verified on the blockchain

Offering instant, cheap, distributed, and secure proof of existence for any document, agreement, or contract. We secure contracts, documents, agreements, receipts and other digital assets.

We replace trust with
mathematical proof

Proof of ownership
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Attribution and audit trails that can be independently verified.

Proof of existence
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Certify that a file, dataset, communication, contract or document existed at a certain point of time.

Proof of integrity
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Monitor your data in real time to ensure it's not being tampered with.

Proof of receipt
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Certify that specific recipient gained ownership at any time.

Security is everything

Beriblock is the first company that provides you an immutable layer of transparency removes friction from your auditing process.

All evidence and audit trails generated by beriblock are 100% counterfeit-proof and verifiable by independent third parties.

Document timestamping

You can prove certain data exists at a certain moment in time. As we use blockchain and encryption to store the document proof, you can certify the existence of your document without the need of a central authority. Use the computing power of a whole blockchain network to certify your data and avoid using expensive third parties.

No more privacy worries

Your digital documents never leave your premises: only unique identifiers are embedded in the blockchain.

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Transfer your commercial papers and other digital assets

Beriblock allows you to transfer your commercial papers to any beriblock's user, without depending on third parties like custodians or a depository of securities.

Join the revolution of money and capital markets with beriblock.

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Convert commercial papers into a token and use smart contracts

Beriblock creates a token representation of your commercial paper and allows you to use smart contracts on them.

Automatize your businesses with beriblock and obtain a better ROI with us.

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Marketplace of commercial papers, non-listed stocks and others

Beriblock will provide a p2p market place for commercial papers, giving companies fast liquidity and investors excellent opportunities of investment without the traditional capital markets costs.

Be part of the future of corporate finance and join beriblock's family.

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beriblock is improving banking custodianship in Colombia

Traditional Custodianship
  • $5.00 USD per promissory note
  • Many promissory notes are uploaded manually
  • Has no access to original physical promissory note
  • Certificate of authenticity costs about $1.00
  • Cost of 10,000 notes: $50,000
  • Daily charges, monthly charges, and yearly charges
  • No API integration
Custodianship with beriblock
  • $2.00 USD per promissory note
  • All notes are safeguarded with beriblock
  • Full access to original promissory note
  • Zero cost for certificate of authenticity
  • Cost of 10,000 notes: $20,000
  • Pay once and you're done
  • API integration